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Football and Cheer/Dance Senior Night

 Fairfield senior football players, cheerleaders and dancers were honored Friday night in the regular-season final game against Middletown. All three groups were honored during a rainy pregame ceremony.

    The football seniors were Nate Hannah, Christian Jackson, Quentin Gehm, Tyler Fischer, Rais Fataki, Victor Canyaolu, Mykel Neal, Branndon Leahr, Jonell Lattimore, Kendrix Goodman, Alex Le, Augie Groh, Lucas Hollandsworth, Jakai Lowe, and Matthew O’Bryan.

    The cheerleader seniors were Kaylee Lambert and Alyssa Miller.

    The dance squad seniors were Kamilah Billups, Tristan Crew, Laurynn Greene, Rashia Jackson, and Jaiden Thomas.

    These photos and more can be seen and downloaded at

As for the game: Fairfield’s defense, led by Senior line backer Quentin Gehm, shut down Middletown’s offense making the final score 23-0, and Fairfield extended their winning streak to 3 games. Coach Krause led the Indians to a 5-4 season, as this was the last game of the regular season for the Indians as they will host a first round playoff game on October 29th.