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Baseball Honors Seniors

Seniors, Seniors, Everywhere

Huge number of graduating baseball players honored!

           Sixteen seniors.

            Let us repeat that … 16 seniors!

            Fairfield’s varsity baseball team honored an absolute boatload of graduating players Wednesday evening at Joe Nuxhall Field, meaning that, at one point, there were more players, family and coaches on the field than there were in the bleachers cheering them on.

            Fairfield baseball has a unique senior salute. Each player in their final year is introduced to the crowd, then walks around the base paths, being greeted and hugged by coaches and undergraduate teammates while the PA announcer reads a list off the player’s family names, plans, favorite teachers, memories, and the actor whom they would like to play them in a baseball movie. Then, each player meets up with their parents and family at third base, then proceed down the base path to home. FYI: Tom Cruise was the overwhelming actor choice, and social studies instructor Ben Zoeller was the most-named favorite teacher.

            The 16 seniors? Kayden Campbell, Sam Crawley, Jonah Garrison, Caden Glenn, Ian Hensley, Cory Hesse, Brady Lovell, Ashton McCann, Brandon McGeorge, Kemper Murray, John Rodriguez, Davin Ronquist, Chad Ruther, Reece Wahoff, Josh Wiesman, and Noah Wimmers.

After the game, the players and their families gathered behind the stadium for a pizza party and gifts.

            The Indians defeated Edgewood, their Senior Night foe, 6-3. The Indians are currently 13-8 overall and 10-7 in the Greater Miami Conference. They are currently in 4th place, with Lakota West Friday being the final GMC match. At 4 p.m., Saturday, the Indians play Centerville at Great American Ballpark, home of the Reds, as part of a baseball fundraiser. Postseason play begins next Tuesday against Winton Woods at 5 p.m. at Joe Nuxhall Field.

            These Senior Night photos, plus many action shots, can be seen and downloaded at