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Fall Cheer

A View of the Future – Hundreds of youth football players and cheerleaders introduced before varsity game 

A View of the Future 

Hundreds of youth football players and cheerleaders introduced before varsity game 

Story by Landon Ford 

Photos by Landon Ford and Mark Braam  

Tribal Tribune staff 


On Friday fall nights, Fairfield’s Alumni Stadium features football players and cheerleaders. 

Last Friday, though, it featured more of them … hundreds more! 

During pregame of the Fairfield vs. Lakota West game, Fairfield’s youth football and cheerleaders marched into the stadium and were introduced over the PA system by announcer Mike Massie.  

Afterward, all Fairfield cheerleaders – grades K-12 – took to the sidelines and cheered together.  

“They have been practicing a lot for this, and it took a lot for us to get here, so I’m glad that they have this opportunity to just have fun,” said varsity cheer coach EmilFlaig. “It’s fun to see our program grow, as they grow and develop.”  

Overall, there were 239 young ladies cheering Friday, so many that half of them had to temporarily sit in bleachers set up on the track because it was so crowded in front of the home stands. They then switched during the next quarter. Not only did they cheer, but they actively interacted with the crowd, and showed spirit for the team and Tribe.  

“It brings me true joy to be able to give the young cheerleaders an opportunity to have fun and be with our Tribe,” said Elaina Hulley, a senior varsity cheerleader.  

From the players’ end, there were 164 football athletes, grades 2-6 over seven teams, who came out to the stadium to be introduced and to watch their idols play on the varsity level. According to coaches, these young players will look to their predecessors for inspiration and for guidance as they grow older and rise through the ranks.  

“I want these young ones to look up to our varsity players, like our varsity players look up to the NFL players. I truly think that coming to see the game will give them motivation,” said varsity coach Jason Krause, who is also looking forward to future seasons. “These young guys have so much passion, and I can’t wait to see it explode on the field.” 

For more photos by Landon Ford and journalism teacher Mark Braam of both the cheerleaders and football youth, visit