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Girls Tennis

Senior Emotion – Girls tennis team celebrates graduating players

Senior Emotion

Girls tennis team celebrates graduating players

Story by Landon Ford and Sonya Hartman 

Photos by Landon Ford, Sonya Hartman and Mark Braam 

Tribal Tribune 

Fairfield’s girls tennis team recently celebrated Senior Night before an exciting matchup against Oak Hills.  

It was an emotional night. 

“It feels like it came really fast,” said Austin Green, father of senior Alivia Green. “Her 18 years have come and gone so fast; it feels like yesterday she joined tennis. She worked really hard at it, and she’s gotten really good at it. It’s been fun watching her grow and get better at the sport.” 

Other parents are also emotional, too. “My daughter (Smyrna Osae) has been doing tennis since her freshman year,” said Samuel Osae. “I am very proud of her and how she worked really hard on her game.” 

 Senior Kaori Wood, who says she has been playing for 6-7 years, will miss her peers. “I love it on the tennis team. I get along with my teammates, especially during matches. I enjoy playing because it is something I am passionate about … coming and seeing the team during practices and games is refreshing for me.” 

Coach Whitney Swinerton understands how they all feel: “There are a lot of emotions tonight. There’s excitement, there’s sadness (and) they’re all anxious. I think these girls, just having this moment … it’s bittersweet.  

“Most of our seniors picked up a racket for the first time their freshman year. I was their coach then, so, for me, it’s crazy to see their progress. To me it doesn’t feel like they’re seniors, because I’ve had them since they were freshman.  

“I think they will always have a connection to Fairfield and the people at Fairfield. These friendships have lasted throughout four years, and I think they’ll last lifetimes.” 

The nine seniors on the team are Ericka Cristobal, Melissa Essono, Alivia Green, Abby Morgan, Smyrna Osae, Daniella Otisi, Parsina Tiwari, Kaori Wood, and Crystal Yeboah. 

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