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Boys Volleyball

Seniors Celebrate Fantastic Boys Volleyball Season 

By Journee Hill

Tribal Tribune


Double celebration time!!!

Fairfield High School boys volleyball team both victoriously finished its regular season and celebrated Senior Night on May 2, sweeping Mt. Healthy High School.

Coach Kurt Etter, in his first year leading the squad, related how his team grew together. “It’s bittersweet seeing the seniors leave, especially considering how well everyone has gotten to know each other and it’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end.

“I started seeing their improvement in December and seeing them grow on and off the court is truly an honor.”

Seniors were introduced before the game and were escorted by family members and friends as their bios were read:

Conner Moser, No. 2, was escorted by Susan Moser (mother), and siblings Natalie and Chase. “My favorite memory was our comeback against West or freshman year.” Conner wants to go to Miami University for computer engineering. His advice for underclassmen is “Listen to your coaches, put effort into practice, and there’s no doubt you’ll improve.”

Sammy Davis, No. 3, was escorted by Jason, Janice, Julianna, Will Davis, and Helen Hanlin. “My favorite memory is blocking Mason in the comeback.” After high school, he wants to attend Purdue University for astronautical engineering. His advice for underclassmen is “You get what you work for, not what you wish for.”

Philbert Boaha, No. 6, was escorted by his sisters, Maria and Lordina. Philbert plans to go to Toledo to study medical laboratory science. “My favorite memory is being in the locker room and playing spikeball. I’ve made a lot of friends through that.” His advice for underclassmen is “Have fun and know that even if you have a bad loss, move on and play good the next game.”

Luke Earnshaw, No. 7, was escorted by his mother, Jennifer Donnelly, his step-father, David Donnelly, and his father Mark Earnshaw. After high school, Luke wants to move to Florida with his friends. “My favorite memory is taunting the opposing team’s coaches.” His advice for underclassmen is “Stay consistent during offseason and enjoy the sport.”

Brayden Grant, No. 12, was escorted by his father Kenn Grant and stepmother Pam Grant. His plans after high school are similar to Earnshaw, moving in with close friends near a beach in Florida. “My favorite memory is stealing all Roberto’s cookies with Rich.” His advice for underclassmen is “Focus on yourself.”

*  Rich Prempeh, No. 16, was escorted by his brother and sister, King David and Keziah. Prempeh wants to study diesel mechanics, but has not yet decided on which college. “My favorite memory is watching the varsity team my freshman year.” His advice for underclassmen is “Give it your all.”

Augie Essiam, No. 1, was escorted by his fellow seniors. He wants to pursue nursing at UC. His advice for underclassmen is “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  His favorite memory? “Beating Mason this year, because the entire team worked really hard.”

During the three-set thumping of Mt. Healthy, parents watched their sons play in their final home game. The parents of Luke Earnshaw saw him gain points after each serve. “It’s incredibly emotional seeing Luke play his last game. I loved seeing how much confidence he’s gained and seeing his skills while also having fun,” said his mother Jennifer Donnelly.

“As he moves out of high school into the real world, I just want him to know to keep moving forward,” said his dad Mark Earnshaw.

The Indians finished the regular season league play at 6-2, clinching second place in the Greater Miami Conference behind Lakota East. The team’s overall record is 14-3. Fairfield begins postseason play Wednesday, 6 p.m., at Walnut Hills.

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